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Financing the Council's Services

We regularly receive requests for information on the Council's Budgets and spending, and on fees and charges. Published information on Budgets and Accounts is publicly available elsewhere on the Council's website, principally in the documents provided to the annual Budget meetings of Council, and the meetings of Governance and Audit, but for ease of access, and to give access to older information, it has been brought together here.

Council fees and charges for services are published as part of the Council's Budget in March each year. The Budget papers are publicly available on the Council's website with the other information relating to the meeting of Council, but the individual lists of fees and charges can also be found on this page and are provided for transparency. The page is updated each year when new fees and charges are introduced.

We have received requests for information on the Council's spending and the Annual Statements of Accounts for current and past years are available to view/download from this page.

The Revenue Budget is approved at a full Council meeting in March each year. The 2013-14 Budget was approved at a meeting of Council on 5th March 2013 . The Council publishes a Budget Book and the current and past Budget Books are available to view or download below. The S52 Budget statement is also available here.

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