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Census 2011 Data

This page contains some basic description and data tables about West Berkshire taken from the 2011 census data.

In the UK, a census (or count) of the whole population takes place once every 10 years. The census is administered by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the most recent took place on the 27 March 2011. Population censuses ask questions to help paint a detailed demographic picture of England and Wales as it stood on census day in 2011, and is used as a key instrument for assessing the needs of local communities. 

Summarising some of the key data for West Berkshire, a briefing note (pdf icon Census 2011 - Key Data and Trends [294kb]) provides some description and analysis of the key data and trends drawn from the data released so far. 

Below are also provided a series of some of the key, salient datasets published by the ONS: data is available either as a total, or as a percent.

For ease of reference, the data has been distilled specifically for West Berkshire and broken down into main built-up areas (Newbury, Thatcham, Tilehurst / Calcot / Purley, Hungerford etc), wards, and at a more granular level for super output areas and output areas. Also, comparative information is provided for Berkshire, South East and at the national level.

excel icon Usual resident population [260kb]Gender, population density
excel icon Age Structure [408kb]Age by selected age groups
excel icon Single year of age [901kb]Age by single years of age
excel icon Marital status [238kb]Single, married, separated, divorced etc
excel icon Living arrangements [247kb]Living in a couple, not living in a couple
excel icon Household composition [318kb]One person, families with dependant children, households over 65 etc
excel icon Lone parent households [282kb]By gender and by whether in employment
excel icon Accommodation type [298kb]Number of spaces, detached, semi-detached, terraced, apartment etc
excel icon Tenure [252kb]Owned outright, mortgaged, rented etc
excel icon Rooms and central heating [242kb]Number of rooms and type of central heating, average household size
excel icon Car ownership [229kb]Number of cars per household
excel icon Qualifications [295kb]Highest qualification attained
excel icon Economic Activity [828kb]Full-time, part-time, looking after the home, unemployed
excel icon Hours worked [339kb]By gender, part-time, full-time
excel icon Industry of Employment [972kb]By gender, industrial sector employed
excel icon Occupation type [647kb]By gender, managerial, professional, sales, process
excel icon Socio-economic classification [819kb]By gender, socio-economic classification
excel icon Health and unpaid care [373kb]Self-reported general health and number of hours of unpaid care provided
excel icon Ethnicity [347kb]White, mixed, Asian / Asian British, Black / Black British etc
excel icon National Identity [589kb]British, English, Welsh, Scottish, other etc
excel icon Country of Birth [277kb]Birth country, within the UK and elsewhere
excel icon Religion [259kb]Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish etc

All census material is published on the ONS' webpages at ons.gov.uk/ons/guide-method/census/2011/index.html. This can also be extracted for specific areas through the Neighbourhood Statistics website.

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