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Public Health - Pest Control

The Council does not provide a direct pest control service but does provide advice. Contact the British Pest Control Association for a list of pest control contractors in West Berkshire.

Pest Control

The Council is not required, by statute, to provide a pest control service.  However, it can exercise powers under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act to require owners or occupiers of land or premises that are infested with rats or mice to take action.

For a list of pest control contractors in West Berkshire look in "Yellow" pages or contact the British Pest Control Association (01322 294288) or use the external website link on the right. 

They will normally be able to deal with wasps, squirrels, bed bugs, rabbits, ants, cockroaches, rats, mice, foxes, pigeons and fleas.

Specific advice on a range of animals not normally considered to be pests can be obtained from:

Bees:    Contact:  Central Area:    Michael White on 01635 44945

                             Eastern Area:    Paul Jarvis on 01635 862 495

                             Northern Area:   Rob Nickless on 01235 510 479

                             Western Area:    Louise Cookson on 01672 514 506

They will normally be able to remove swarming bees. (But not wasps - see Download "Identifying Bees and Wasps".)

Snakes, Badgers, Bats, Muntjac Deer: Contact Natural England (Thames & Chiltern team) on 01635 26881.

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