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Civil Partnerships

As from 21 December 2005, same sex couples wishing to formalise their relationship may do so by registering as a civil partnership. In addition, couples who wish to do so, will be able to accompany and enhance the registration with a ceremony.

Couples have been able to give formal notice of their intention to register a civil partnership from 5 December 2005. This notice must be given at the register office (or other nominated by the local authority) for the area in which the couple have lived for seven days, unless either party is subject to immigration control when different rules will apply. If this applies to you, please contact us for further information.

Once notice has been given there is a 15 day waiting period before the schedule (authority for the partnership registration to take place) can be issued. The first registrations took place from 21 December 2005.

The authority will last for 12 months but is restricted to the venue that it is issued for. If the authority expires, or the venue is changed, then new notices will have to be given.

In cases where one of the partners is seriously ill and not expected to recover then it may be possible for the civil partnership to be registered without waiting 15 days. Please telephone us for further information.

In order to register a civil partnership same sex couples must be over 18 (or provide evidence of consent if aged 16 or 17), must not be related to each other within the prohibited degrees of relationship and must not be in an existing marriage or civil partnership.

Couples will be able to enhance their civil partnership registration with a partnership ceremony, which can include personal vows, poetry, reading and music.

A civil partnership may be registered in West Berkshire at the Register Office at Shaw House, Newbury or at any of the venues currently licensed by West Berkshire as approved venues for civil marriage. See doc icon List of Approved Premises [128kb]. From 5 December, these venues will automatically become licensed for civil partnerships.

Registrations and ceremonies can take place on any day (including Sundays and Bank Holidays) subject to availability. Please note that the last booking is for 4.45pm.

If you wish to book a registration and ceremony, or for further information  please contact us at the address and phone number given on the right of this page.

Venues for Civil Partnerships

Whilst all existing venues licensed for civil marriage ceremonies will also be approved for civil partnerships there may be other venues that would also like to be licensed.

Any venue owner/manager who would like to consider being licensed for civil partnerships (and civil marriages) should contact the Superintendent Registrar at Shaw House.

This service or information is provided by West Berkshire Council - Customer Services.

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List of Approved Premises

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