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Admission to Infant, Primary and Junior Schools, The Reception Year and Year 3

Primary Admissions: Information is provided on how and when to apply for a future Reception year place in an Infant or Primary School. Information is also provided on how and when to apply for a year 3 Junior School place for parents who have a child in an Infant School.

The School Admission Process:

The West Berkshire School admissions Team co-ordinate the admissions process for West Berkshire residents. To apply for a school place you must complete the relevant application form (not school registration/application forms).

The application process is co-ordinated between all Local Authorities and this means that parents must apply to their home LA, even if applying for schools in a different LA. 

Reset online password

If you need to reset your online application password, unfortunately the automated system is inactive. The password can still be changed if you email admissions at: admissions@westberks.gov.uk

The national offer day is 16 April

Offers are posted to all West Berkshire applicants on 16 April. Parents are asked not to contact the admissions team by phone to ask for the result because it cannot be communicated in this way. Applicants who make an online application are able to log into their online application from 9.00am on 16 April to view the result and if they ticked the box to be notified by email, will be sent an email as well. The emails will be sent from our server first thing on the 16th, but due to the volume this can take some time.

School admission data

Information is provided that includes the admission number for each school, the number of places allocated, spaces available, the number of children that met each over subscription rule for each school and general statistics. There are also tables that compare previous years admission rounds.

Accepting a school place

You need to accept or decline the place offered by 30 April. We also recommend that you accept a school place if it was not a first preference because you will still be placed on the waiting lists for higher preference schools and you will still be offered a place in a higher preference school if a place becomes available and your child is first on the waiting list at that point. If you decline your place it may not be possible to re-allocate and the next nearest available school may be some distance away.

Waiting list information

In all cases where a child is not offered the first preference they are placed on the waiting list for the first and any other higher preference school that was not offered. The waiting list is ordered by admission rule and therefore the first child that could not be offered a place will be first on the waiting list. Waiting lists are always ranked using the admission rules, so if a late application is received they will be placed with regard to the admission rule they meet and the distance. This means that children can move up as well as down on waiting lists.

Making a late application for different schools

You can submit a late application if you would like to apply for a different school and these will be considered from 01 May.

Making an appeal for a school place

If you are unhappy with the school you have been allocated, you may decide to appeal for a school place at one or more of your preferred schools. pdf icon Primary School Admission Appeal Timetable 2014 [5kb]You should read all the information available before submitting an appeal. You should also be aware that some schools already teach in classes of 30 which is the maximum allowed. An appeal for such a school is classified as an Infant Class Size Appeal. An appeal will normally only be successful if it can be proved that an error has occurred and your child would have been offered a school place if the application had been processed correctly. Further Class Size information is available pdf icon here. [257kb]

To make an appeal: Appeal against School Admission and Transport decision

School Admissions Guide

A School Admissions Guide is produced each year for parents applying for their child to start school in the following academic year. The guide includes all the information you need to make your application. Applicants should read the guide carefully to understand what is required.

Children starting school for the first time

Every September a new allocation process begins, for parents making applications for the first point of entry into Infant or Primary Schools, starting in the next academic year. The year group is known as Reception or Foundation 2.

You should apply for a school place by the closing date in the academic year of your child's 4th Birthday.

Parents who need to apply for a place starting in the 2014/15 academic year are those with a child whose date of birth is between 1 September 2009 and 31 August 2010.

Applying for the 1st point of entry into a junior school, year 3.

If your child is in year 2 in an Infant school, you need to make an application for a Junior School place. In this process you can only apply for junior schools. If you would like to make an application for a primary school place you have to follow the in year school admission process.

Making your application

On-time applicants can apply for a school place online ( Online Application Form )or by post. The closing date is 15 January. Late applicants can still apply but will need to post or email an application form. Depending on the time and reason that a late application is received, it may still be considered in the normal round of admissions. If not it will be processed after offers have been made.

Supplementary information

Even if you are applying on-line you may also have to provide additional information to support your application. After reading the over-subscription rules for the schools you are applying for it should be clear to you if this is necessary. If you are applying for schools outside of West Berkshire, you should check the admission policy and over-subscription rules for those schools. They should be published on the relevant Local Authority's website.

If you are applying for a church school, depending on your circumstances you may need to complete a supplementary form and/or provide additional information. Further Information is available in the Guide to Admissions.

Supplementary forms are available on this page and admission policies are available here: West Berkshire Schools Admission Policies for 2014-15

School allocation Information

Children are allocated places using the admission over-subscription rules.  Admission rules are published in the school admissions guide. In all cases the admission rule each child fits is checked for each school preference and the distance is calculated between home and school (The Governing Bodies for VA Church Schools and academies apply the criteria for each of their applicants). This provides us with an ordered list for each school to enable us to offer places. The closest child in the highest criteria is first on the list and the furthest child in the lowest criteria is last on the list.

All schools have an admission number and for example if the admission number is 60, the first 60 children can be offered a place. In some cases we will be in a position to offer a child more than one school preference. In this circumstance we will look to see what the highest preference is and offer that school. This creates a space in their lower preference school and we fill that place by offering it to the next child on the list.

It is not always possible to offer a preferred school depending on the preferences that were made and how many applications were received for each school. In such circumstances we offer a place in the catchment area school if there are places left and if not, in the nearest school with a place.

It is very important to make sensible and realistic decisions when choosing which schools to apply for. We provide detailed information about the number of applications received for schools in previous years and the children that were offered places. You can also contact the admissions team if you have questions. You should of course apply for schools that you prefer, but we advise that one of your preferences should be for a school that you have a reasonable chance of being offered a place in.

Looked after Children and Previously Looked After Children

The 1st Admission Rule (priority for School Applications) is for Looked After Children. This includes children who were previously Looked After, but have ceased to be because they have been adopted, or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order. Please make it clear on the application if this is relevant to your child. 

Children attending School Nurseries

Children who attend school nurseries have no priority for a school place in the same school. Applications must be made and will be considered using the published admission rules. In many cases children that attend school nurseries are not offered a place in the school if they apply because they do not fall high enough within the ranking when admission rules have been applied.

Catchment area applications

Living in the catchment area of the school you would like your child to attend provides you with a very good chance of being offered a place, but some schools are often unable to accommodate all catchment applicants so there can be no guarantee. You can check your catchment here: School Catchment Areas

Sibling applicants

If you applied successfully for one child to attend a particular school it does not guarantee that a sibling will be offered. The number of applicants for schools year on year can change dramatically due to population changes and the success of schools. Often sibling applicants are not offered the same school.

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