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Apprenticeships at West Berkshire Council


Please find below details of the Apprentice Scheme at West Berkshire Council, in partnership with West Berkshire Training Consortium (WBTC). Further details regarding apprenticeships can be found below and also at www.apprenticeships.org.uk.

The next round of apprentice recruitment has now started, a list of roles available can be seen below. These roles will be available for you to apply for until Monday 21st April 2014 at 5pm, all are fixed term for one year.

Business and Administration Apprenticeships...

Apprentice HR Administrator

Apprentice Customer Services Advisor

Apprentice Administrative Assistant

Apprentice Systems Administrator

Apprentice Accounts Receivable Assistant

Apprentice Public Health & Wellbeing Assistant

Apprentice Administrative Assistant - Revenues and Benefits


PLEASE NOTE - due to government funding, West Berkshire Council will only be accepting applications from those aged 16 - 18 years old on start date of apprenticeship.

Once the closing date has been reached, you will be invited to attend an Assessment Centre on 8th May 2014 at the Council Offices, Market Street, Newbury. Further details will be provided nearer the time. Following this, each Recruiting Manager will choose applicants to interview. Start dates will vary.

Apply online (full job descriptions for each post are also available here) - https://recruitr-westberkshire.jgp.co.uk/vacancies/list

Would you like help with your Apprentice application to West Berkshire Council?

On Tuesday 24th March 2014 our partners at WBTC are running an open day to help people with their on-line application. WBTC will be running the West Berkshire Council's Apprentice training programme and they can provide you with advice and guidance on

How to apply on line

The best way to present your skills and experience

What is involved in a West Berkshire Council Apprenticeship

How to prepare if you get an interview with West Berkshire Council

This open day is completely free of charge and is designed to help you. WBTC has plenty of computers too that you can use to apply for our Apprenticeships.

For more information contact Jaz at WBTC on 01635 35975 or email Jaskiran@wbtc-uk.com

What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a combination of employment and training for anyone above the age of 16, however the posts at West Berkshire Council are only available to those aged 16-18. At West Berkshire Council the off-the-job training is provided by West Berkshire Training Consortium or Newbury College. All apprentices follow a framework which covers the core skills needed for the sector and occupation..

Who Are They For?

Apprenticeships are open to all age groups above 16 years-old whether you are just leaving school, have been working for years or are seeking to start a new career. You just need to be living in England and not taking part in full-time education. Due to government funding available, West Berkshire Council will only be accepting applications from those aged 16 - 18 years old on start date of apprenticeship.

How long does an Apprenticeship take?

From August 2012 all apprenticeships must last for at least 12 months. At West Berkshire Council your contract will be fixed term for 12 months.

Apprenticeships at West Berkshire Council

Our Apprenticeship scheme offers a structured programme that takes you through the skills you need to do a job well. There are targets and checks to make sure that we are supporting you and you are making progress.

As an employee you will be in employment for most of your time as most training takes place on the job. The rest usually takes place at a local college or a specialist training organisation.

Apprenticeships can be demanding but they are very rewarding. Because Apprenticeships train you in the skills employers want, they give you choices in your career.

Once you are employed at West Berkshire Council you will have a variety of opportunities available to you, including in-house training and development alongside your Apprenticeship, and the ability to apply for any internal vacancies advertised.

If you have any queries regarding apprenticeships please contact recruitment@westberks.gov.uk.

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