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On this page are useful links to various Environment Agency flood webpages, flood warnings, maps and useful telephone numbers.

Severe flooding

Flooding can occur anywhere, even if you live inland or away from watercourses, because the drainage system - whether open watercourses or pipes - can be overwhelmed by the amount of water it is expected to carry.

When the ground is saturated even small extra amounts of rainfall will have difficulty draining away from gardens and enclosed spaces. So these pages are relevant to you wherever you live.

We recognise the impact of flooding on the community and work closely with the Environment Agency and Parish Councils.

It is the responsibility of the owners to take appropriate action to protect their property from flooding.

Environment Agency

It is impossible to completely flood proof a property, but there are lots of measure you can take to reduce the damage.

Information on what to do prior to a flood, or how to prepare for flooding.

Information on what to do and what not to do during a flood.

The Council is responsible for attending to certain highway emergencies and making the highway safe, including the provision of signs and sandbags for areas of flooding.

The Projects Team undertake a number of duties relating to flood defence and land drainage.

Flooding in West Berkshire is not uncommon, and has been recorded as far back as the 19th Century.

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