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Spending over £500

Through these pages we publish all invoices over £500 that we paid each month. The data is published in three formats - Excel, CSV and PDF to make the data as useful as possible to as many people as possible.

We are committed to being an open, accountable and transparent local authority. We want our customers to be able to use our data as freely as possible.

This is in keeping with the national open data initiative, which seeks to help all councils produce their data in a simple and standardised way, making it easier for the public to access and understand.

You can view the files on a month by month basis below. These have been published from October 2010 (latest first):

Invoices over £500(.xls)(.csv)(.pdf)
Feb 2014excel icon Feb 2014 [510kb]csv icon Feb 2014 [347kb]pdf icon Feb 2014 [573kb]
Jan 2014excel icon Jan 2014 [511kb]csv icon Jan 2014 [358kb]pdf icon Jan 2014 [239kb]
Dec 2013excel icon Dec 2013 [473kb]csv icon Dec 2013 [333kb]pdf icon Dec 2013 [570kb]
Nov 2013excel icon Nov 2013 [474kb]csv icon Nov 2013 [321kb]pdf icon Nov 2013 [499kb]
Oct 2013excel icon Oct 13 [481kb]csv icon Oct 2013 [386kb]pdf icon Oct 13 [2Mb]
Sep 2013excel icon Sept 2013 [497kb]csv icon Sept 2013 [356kb]pdf icon Sept 2013 [1Mb]
Aug 2013excel icon Aug 13.xls [508kb]csv icon Aug 13.csv [356kb]pdf icon Aug 13.pdf [468kb]
Jul 2013excel icon Jul 13.xls [1Mb]csv icon Jul 13.csv [633kb]pdf icon Jul 13.pdf [272kb]
Jun 2013excel icon Jun 13 .xls [764kb]csv icon Jun 13.csv [457kb]pdf icon Jun 13.pdf [141kb]
May 2013excel icon May 13.xls [1009kb]csv icon May 13.csv [750kb]pdf icon May 13.pdf [207kb]
Apr 2013excel icon Apr 13.xls [997kb]csv icon Apr 13.csv [351kb]pdf icon Apr 13.pdf [538kb]
Mar 2013excel icon Mar 2013.xls [467kb]csv icon Mar 2013.csv [385kb]pdf icon Mar 2013 [187kb]
Feb 2013excel icon Feb 2013.xls [389kb]csv icon Feb 2013.csv [506kb]pdf icon Feb 2013.pdf [75kb]
Jan 2013excel icon Jan 2013.xls [445kb]csv icon Jan 2013.csv [365kb]pdf icon Jan 2013.pdf [113kb]
Dec 2012excel icon Dec 2012.xls [415kb]csv icon Dec 2012.csv [301kb]pdf icon Dec 2012.pdf [154kb]
Nov 2012excel icon Nov 2012.xls [405kb]csv icon Nov 2012.csv [277kb]pdf icon Nov 2012.pdf [151kb]
Oct 2012excel icon Oct 2012.xls [1Mb]csv icon Oct 2012.csv [526kb]pdf icon Oct 2012.pdf [212kb]
Sep 2012excel icon Sep 2012.xls [1Mb]csv icon Sep 2012.csv [685kb]pdf icon Sep 2012.pdf [197kb]
Aug 2012excel icon Aug 2012.xls [1Mb]csv icon Aug 2012.csv [472kb]pdf icon Aug 2012.pdf [162kb]
Jul 2012excel icon Jul 2012.xls [1Mb]csv icon Jul 2012.csv [517kb]pdf icon Jul 2012.pdf [176kb]
Jun 2012excel icon Jun 2012.xls [1Mb]csv icon Jun 2012.csv [411kb]pdf icon Jun 2012.pdf [145kb]
May 2012excel icon May 2012.xls [1Mb]csv icon May 2012.csv [617kb]pdf icon May 2012.pdf [187kb]
Apr 2012excel icon Apr 2012.xls [1Mb]csv icon Apr 2012.csv [534kb]pdf icon Apr 2012.pdf [152kb]
Mar 2012excel icon Mar 2012.xls [1Mb]csv icon Mar 2012.csv [545kb]pdf icon Mar 2012.pdf [198kb]
Feb 2012excel icon Feb 2012.xls [1Mb]csv icon Feb 2012.csv [509kb]pdf icon Feb 2012.pdf [159kb]
Jan 2012excel icon Jan 2012.xls [1Mb]csv icon Jan 2012.csv [545kb]pdf icon Jan 2012.pdf [170kb]
Dec 2011excel icon Dec 2011.xls [1Mb]csv icon Dec 2011.csv [522kb]pdf icon Dec 2011.pdf [80kb]
Nov 2011excel icon Nov 2011.xls [1Mb]csv icon Nov 2011.csv [509kb]pdf icon Nov 2011.pdf [74kb]
Oct 2011excel icon Oct 2011.xls [1Mb]csv icon Oct 2011.csv [482kb]pdf icon Oct 2011.pdf [66kb]
Sep 2011excel icon Sep 2011.xls [1Mb]csv icon Sep 2011.csv [443kb]pdf icon Sep 2011.pdf [64kb]
Aug 2011excel icon Aug 2011.xls [1Mb]csv icon Aug 2011.csv [596kb]pdf icon Aug 2011.pdf [73kb]
Jul 2011excel icon Jul 2011.xls [1Mb]csv icon Jul 2011.csv [495kb]pdf icon Jul 2011.pdf [76kb]
Jun 2011excel icon Jun 2011.xls [1Mb]csv icon Jun 2011.csv [648kb]pdf icon Jun 2011.pdf [215kb]
May 2011excel icon May 2011.xls [1Mb]csv icon May 2011.csv [493kb]pdf icon May 2011.pdf [74kb]
Apr 2011excel icon Apr 2011.xls [1Mb]csv icon April 2011.csv [526kb]pdf icon Apr 2011.pdf [103kb]
Mar 2011excel icon Mar 2011.xls [1Mb]csv icon Mar 2011.csv [619kb]pdf icon Mar 2011.pdf [103kb]
Feb 2011excel icon Feb 2011.xls [1Mb]csv icon Feb 2011.csv [506kb]pdf icon Feb 2011.pdf [1Mb]
Jan 2011excel icon Jan 2011.xls [1Mb]csv icon Jan 2011.csv [489kb]pdf icon Jan 2011.pdf [1013kb]
Dec 2010excel icon Dec 2010.xls [1Mb]csv icon Dec 2010.csv [490kb]pdf icon Dec 2010.pdf [87kb]
Nov 2010excel icon Nov 2010.xls [1Mb]csv icon Nov 2010.csv [503kb]pdf icon Nov 2010.pdf [100kb]
Oct 2010excel icon Oct 2010.xls [1Mb]csv icon Oct 2010.csv [510kb]pdf icon Oct 2010.pdf [86kb]

It should be noted that in some cases information has been excluded. This only in a few cases, however this may be because:

The Council aims to publish this information monthly and no later than 30 days after the month end. If you have any queries on these data, please submit this as a Freedom of Information request.

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