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Clerk to Governing Body

Good clerking is a major contributing factor to effective governance and school improvement.

Clerk to Governing Body

A good clerk can really help a governing body to be effective by providing administrative support and by giving legal and good practice advice.

Governors carry a lot of responsibility and have a major role to play in the running of the school. All governors are unpaid volunteers, giving their time freely for the good of the school. It is, therefore, most important that the business of the Governing Body is conducted properly and efficiently and this is where your role as a Clerk to the Governing Body is vital.

As Clerk you will need to:

The DfE has made the new Governors' Handbook available on its website. Click here to view/download the handbook or on the link to the right. The handbook replaces the Governors' Guide to the Law.

As a Clerk to a Governing body you may find the following resources useful

Regular Monthly Publication for Clerks

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