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Assessment and eligibility for adult social care

Who qualifies for services?
If you contact us, and need our support, we will offer you a social care assessment to assess your needs. The purpose of an assessment is to understand your circumstances and see which of your needs are most important and what risk you are at if you do not get any help with these.  However, our resources are limited and we are only able to provide a service to people with the highest levels of needs.

Initial assessment
We will ask you about your situation and complete an initial assessment with you.  This can be done by phone or in person.  As well as confirming your personal details we will ask you questions to help us understand your needs, circumstances and any support you already receive. At this stage it should be possible to:  

If you need a full assessment we will arrange a convenient time and place with you.

Full assessment
If you have a family member or friend that helps you, it is helpful if they are present when the assessment takes place so that we can gain as much information as possible. The care professional will ask you to explain in much more detail your circumstances and needs, this includes

With this information the care professional will work out your level of need.  After the assessment we will ask you to check the information we have collected and tell us if there is anything we have missed out or you are not happy with. You will receive a copy of your assessment and will be asked to sign it to say that you agree with it. 

Critical need
West Berkshire Council can only give you support if you have a 'critical' need. If you do not have a critical need we will provide information, advice and signpost you to other services and support groups that may be able to help. Things that show us you have a critical risk/need

If we have assessed you as having a 'critical' need we will talk to you about Paying for care and your Financial Assessment  and Personal Budgets.  We are unable to offer services to people whose needs we assess as 'substantial', 'moderate' or 'low'.  The care professional will base their decision on 'Fair Access to Care'.

If a friend or family member provides care for you, they will be offered a 'carer's assessment' by the care professional. This looks at how we can help them care for you.  The assessment can be completed by the carer on their own, with you or with help from the care professional, whichever is preferred.

For more information call 01635 503050 or email ccenquiries@westberks.gov.uk

Requesting an assessment
You can request an assessment by contacting the Information and advice service on 01635 503050 or by completing the online Adult Social Care Enquiry  form.

Information sharing
West Berkshire adult social care services work closely with Berkshire Health services. We will ask you for your written consent to share information with Health services. This helps to make sure you get any social care and healthcare services you may be entitled to.

This is the process that the Government has said we must use to decide who we can and can't help. It makes sure that we give a fair and equal service for everyone based on their assessed needs.

To ensure we can provide services to as many people as possible we need to charge those who are able to pay. This page will explain how we work this out.

Personal Budgets are the way that West Berkshire Council supports people with care and support needs. A Personal Budget allows you the greatest freedom to organise care and support services to fit in with your own lifestyle.

A form to request Adult Social Care information or advice for yourself, or on behalf of someone else.

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