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Rubbish Collection

Information about your rubbish collection

Black Bin

We collect recycling, garden and food waste one week and your rubbish on the following week.  To find out the date of your next collection please use the search box at the top of the page and enter your postcode or address.  The current collection newsletter and calendar is available in the download section.

If you chose to put your food waste in your black bin please note this will not be recycled and will go to landfill or energy recovery.

Please ensure your bin is at the edge of your property or at your collection point by 7am on the day of collection. Following collection, residents with bin storage points off the highway, should take their bins back in as soon as possible.

Please check service update pages for information on arising issues affecting waste services during severe weather.

Help us to help you

· Please separate your rubbish. Your black wheeled bin should only contain rubbish that cannot be collected in the recycling scheme.

· Please leave your bin handles facing out as this will make the collection quicker for the crews.

· Please ensure your bin lid is closed and that there is no excess rubbish left next to the bin.

· Please do not put liquids in your black bin.

· Please do not overload your wheeled bin with heavy items.

· Please let us know if your bin is damaged or missing here or by contacting Customer Services.

Extra Rubbish Capacity
Extra storage capacity may be provided to residents who can demonstrate (to the satisfaction of the Council) that it is required. Residents can apply for this by submitting an application for extra rubbish capacity. Before applying for extra storage capacity please make sure that you are using the recycling collection service for all of your paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, cans, glass, textiles, green garden and food waste. Please consider if you can reduce your waste by following the tips provided in the Love Food Hate Waste campaign. Please be aware that we only take into account waste generated from people permanently living in the property and do not count waste from pets.

The application form can be found in the downloads section or alternatively please contact Customer Services for more information.

Assisted Collections
Assisted doorstep collections are available to elderly and less able residents who do not have any other family members to help them put their rubbish out on collection day.

If you require assistance with placing your rubbish for collection then we can help. Residents must submit an application form to be considered for an assisted collection and will be notified regarding the outcome of their application. The application form can be found in the downloads sections. For further information please contact Customer Services.

Clinical Waste Collections
Clinical waste must NOT be put in your normal rubbish bin as it is illegal to dispose of clinical waste in this manner and it is not safe for the operatives who collect your rubbish.

West Berkshire Council offer a free collection service for residents who need to dispose of any medical waste which arises from treatments at home. The collections are usually arranged as a result of referral by a GP, hospital, health visitor or district nurse.

Please contact Customer Services for more information.

The Sharps (needle/syringes) Collection Service
As it may take you a few weeks/months to fill the sharps box, our contractor will only visit when the Council have been notified that your box is full. When your sharps box is full, please contact Customer Services who will make arrangements for collection and delivery of an empty box if required.

Other Clinical Waste
For all other clinical waste collections you will be provided with orange sacks to contain the waste. Orange sacks will be collected every Wednesday and our contractor will deliver a supply of empty sacks. Any change in collection day due to bank holidays will be notified to residents in writing.

Hazardous Household Waste
Small amounts of hazardous waste can be disposed of at Newtown Road Household Waste Recycling Centre. Please see Waste Recycling Centres for more information. There are also battery recycling points across the district, please see  Mini Recycling Centres for location points.

For further information on hazardous waste please visit Hazardous Waste Guide

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