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Single Person Discount

If you are the only person over 18 living in your property you could get a reduction in your Council Tax.

Single Person Discount

If you are the only adult living in a property your Council Tax liability is reduced by 25%. This is called Single Person Discount.  To apply for this discount please download the application form from the link on the right hand side of this page, complete it and send it to us.

You do not qualify for Single Person Discount on more than one home or if you have other adults living in your property who cannot be disregarded. (see below)

Certain adults living in your property may be disregarded.  Click here to see Other discounts 

The Council review all discounts awarded on a regular basis and may use third party credit reference agencies to validate a claim for discount at any time.  We may contact you again to ensure the discount awarded is still valid. If we believe that the discount is not correct we will remove it and issue a revised bill.  A financial penalty of £70 for failure to disclose or provide false information may be applied to your account.

If you no longer live alone or believe that you do not qualify for a discount awarded you should advise us in writing within 21 days of receiving your bill or the change occurring which ever is the sooner. 

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