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The Completion Certificate

The requirement to hold a completion certificate for any works undertaken to your property is essential. This will be required before the property can be marketed and sold.

Completion of Work

What do I need to do

Why should I have a completion inspection

The issue of the certificate

The future sale of my property

What do I need to do?

It is essential that a satisfactory completion inspection is undertaken and a completion certificate is issued before you make your final payment to your builder.

You should request a final inspection once the building work is complete ( except for decoration ). Notice should be given not more than 5 days after completion of the work. Contact details are included in your Inspection Plan document which is supplied to you when you made your Building Regulation application.

Why should I have a completion inspection?

Please note that the completion inspection should be carried out before your business relationship with your builder has been terminated and has left the site. Failing this, any remedial work required will be your responsibility to complete and may involve additional costs. This may also delay the sale of your property. If the completion inspection has not been carried out, it will be declared as an outstanding matter on any legal search carried out by your purchaser's solicitors and not be available to potential purchasers of your property.

The Issue of the Certificate 

When you have finished the building work and we have carried out a satisfactory completion inspection, a Completion Certificate will be issued to the applicant and their agent (where requested to complete their records) free of charge. This Certificate of Completion or 'seal of approval' is issued subject to sufficient work having been inspected to ascertain compliance with the Building Regulations. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you ensure that your builder requests all the relevant statutory inspections that are required.

These are detailed in the Inspection Plan document which is included with the acknowledgement letter that you received on the submission of your Building Regulation application. This fully details all you need to know about the involvement of Building Control in your development. Failure to obtain all the necessary inspections will mean that a Completion Certificate will not be able to be issued. Please check this with your builder.

The Future Sale of my Property

This certificate is also required by solicitors as part of the house sale process to prove that the work complies with the Building Regulations. It will be needed if you sell your property in the future. The sale of your property may not be possible without it. We would recommend this certificate is kept safe, possibly with the deeds of your property. Please remember, future copies will not be obtainable free of charge. Please note that a further charge will be made to carry out a completion inspection at a later date, such as when the property is sold.

Your Local Authority Building Control Completion Certificate is the guarantee of thorough, independent inspections and service.

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