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Difficulty Paying your Council Tax

If you are getting behind with your instalments or arrangements please contact us.

Difficulty Paying
                                                                                                           IMPORTANT INFORMATION

Please be advised that there are companies advertising to take control of your Council Tax debt by stopping recovery/bailiff action.  These companies cannot instruct the Council to stop bailiff or court action.  They do make a charge for this service which may not be of any benefit to you.  There are however companies which do offer free debt counselling and advice, one of which is your local Citizens Advice Bureau.  Please be very careful when dealing with any company offering this service. No matter how much the outstanding amount is or how many years it covers please talk to us.

                                                                                    We are here to help

If you are having difficulty paying your Council Tax please tell us straight away. There is help for people in receipt of low income and/or in receipt of certain state benefits. You can apply for Council Tax Benefit to help meet your bill.  Click here to download an application form pdf icon Housing and Council Tax Benefit Claim Form [617kb]  or telephone us for advice and guidance on 01635 519258.

You will receive a Reminder if you are late paying your instalment and we will ask you to bring your account up to date. If we have to write to you twice during the billing period because of late payment/s, you might lose your right to pay by instalments, and the whole amount for the year will become due.  Do not be tempted to ignore this correspondence as this can lead to Court action being taken against you and incurring additional costs and fees.

We may offer alternative payment dates during the month to assist you in managing your budget.  We may be able to help by making your payments more manageable.   

You must regard payment of Council Tax as a priority like you do your mortgage or rent.  Despite your circumstances you cannot choose not to pay.

If you have received a bill for a sum which you do not believe you owe please contact us without delay.

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