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Brimpton parish is located in the south of West Berkshire, south-east of Newbury and Thatcham. The land slopes down towards the River Kennet, in the north of the Parish, which flows towards Reading and feeds the River Thames to the east. The main populated area is Brimpton village located in the centre of the Parish. The Parish mainly comprises meadows and arable fields with patches of woodland.

  1. The survey confirmed that one property was flooded in Brimpton Common, close to the southern edge of the parish, details of which are shown on Drawing No 2002/FLD/47/101.
  2. The driveway to Brimpton Lane Cottage (shown as Glenbeg on the OS map) leads off Brimpton Lane. Brimpton Lane has a ditch which turns east along the driveway to Brimpton Lane Cottage, from where it is culverted as it runs adjacent to the property. The volume of water in the ditch exceeded the capacity of the culvert. As a result, the ditch overflowed onto the driveway and flooded the property, including the new extension.

Brimpton Recommendations

In order to reduce the extent of flooding in Brimpton parish the following measures should be considered:



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