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Section 31.6 Highways Act 1980 Register

Register of Statements and Declarations relating to Public Rights of Way within West Berkshire

Section 31.6 Highways Act 1980 enables landowners to lodge a Statement and Map with their local Surveying Authority (e.g. West Berkshire Council) acknowledging the public rights of way that exist on their land. This may be followed by Declarations at intervals of less than twenty years (after 1st October 2013*), stating that no further public rights of way have been dedicated. This may then serve as evidence that a landowner has not intended to dedicate any further public rights of way in the intervening period.

*Please note that new Regulations came into effect on 1st October 2013. Prescribed 'CA16 forms' must be used when submitting section 31.6 HA1980 documents to West Berkshire Council, with a covering fee of £200 (this figure may rise in the future following a review) - see the guidance notes on the right hand side of this page for information. Check the following webpage for any new CA17 notices that we publish in response to valid CA16 applications: Public Rights of Way Notices. New notices will be published there for the required period of 60 days.

The section 31.6 Highways Act 1980 Statement/Declaration Register is available by clicking on the link in the Downloads section on the right hand side of this page. A plan showing all land affected by section 31(6) deposits is available by clicking on 'Digital Map Showing Rights of Way' in the Links section on the right hand side of this webpage (check that the 's31-6 Highways Act 1980' box is ticked, and that the scale is 1:10 000 or more (e.g. 1: 15 000)). This online map is searchable by postcode and keyword - by clicking  the 'Show Information' circle immediately above the map and then on an area hatched in blue on the map, you can get a reference number. Click on this reference number to display the text Register. 

General guidance notes on making section 31.6 Highways Act 1980 deposits are available by clicking on the link on the right hand side of this page, but anyone seeking to make any such deposits is also advised to seek independent legal advice.

An overview plan is also available by clicking on the relevant item on the right hand side of this page. It shows all of West Berkshire and the areas within it that are subject to section 31.6 Highways Act 1980 deposits.

To view the paper version of the Register, or for further information, please contact:

Definitive Map Officer, West Berkshire Council, Market Street, Newbury RG14 5LD 

Tel: 01635 503251     Email: shiggins@westberks.gov.uk

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