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Local Plan Information and Evidence Base

Background Papers, Research and Technical Documents which are part of the Local Plan Evidence Base

The Local Plan has to be based on a robust and credible evidence base.  In order to ensure this, the Council has undertaken a number of specialist studies.  These will be updated and supplemented with additional evidence over time.

The list  below indicates the main reports and studies considered to contribute to the evidence base.  The Annual Monitoring Reports can be reached from the related pages link on the right.

The SHLAA identifies potential housing land in West Berkshire.

The Berkshire Housing Market Assessment was commissioned to help partners within Berkshire to understand the dynamics and drivers of their housing market.

A Strategic Flood Risk Assessment has been produced for West Berkshire, in consultation with the Environment Agency, to inform the preparation of the Local Development Framework. The primary purpose of the SFRA is to determine the variation in flood risk across the District.

The Infrastructure Delivery Plan includes details of the infrastructure needed to support the delivery of the Core Strategy.

A Transport Assessment has been undertaken to support the West Berkshire Core Strategy. It explores the impact of development within the district, and has enabled the Council to plan for transport infrastructure throughout the plan period up to 2026. The work was carried out in four phases by consultants WSP.

This page contains information and research relating to Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople as part of the Local Development Framework.

This page contains a number of Core Documents as listed in the Core Documents List for the West Berkshire Core Strategy Examination

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